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Check out some records about and with DJ Damian

Something you want us to add? Want to submit your own homemade Damian video? Let us know about, get in contact

Supreme@Perkins Park, Stuttgart

DJ Damian pres. "DJ Rapture - Shake It Right"

Back2Black @ SuCasa, Ulm

Damian drops "Cro - Easy" on them

TV24 television | Sparkassen Nacht

Kids are going crazy with DJ Damian on that special youth event

Stavento | live in concert

Opening by DJ Damian

On tour with Damian

Let's take you 36h by my side

Club Catamaran | Bodrum, Turkey

DJ Damian & Jesse Malik on Turkey's no. 1 club boat

Trinidad James & DJ Damian

Don't believe me just watch

6 Year Anniversary @ Supreme

Amazing party, still have it in my mind

Tyga | live in concert

Jesse Malik and me announces Tyga's show

Busta Rhymes | live in concert

Opening by DJ Damian

Hot Rod (G-Unit) & DJ Damian

Hangin' out with G-Unit's member and having a good time

Students freak out with DJ Damian

First we start with pop trash, then we bring the real stuff

Lil Jon | live in concert

DJ Damian is bringing the crowd on the right level

Peter Fox & DJ Damian

Are rocking together as while Damian done his warm up

Mia Gray (Playmate of the year)

The beauty announces the special night for AUDI with Mia Gray & DJ Damian

Supreme@Perkins Park, Stuttgart

Short overview of a regular supreme night

Chris Brown | Carpe Diem Tour

The making of the official tour mixtape

*mädchenabend@Pure, Stuttgart

Snippets of a spectacular night by Cusher



Hip Hop Lovers @ Top10

This is how we destroy clubs with my MC, Jesse Malik

SWR television | Perkins Park

Presentation of Stuttgart's no.1 club and Damian is rocking the crowd

Kings of RnB | Jagged Edge, Joe, 112

Damian & Big Steve heat the crowd as it should be!

DJ Damian & Jesse Malik

Club Top10 | Tübingen

We call it a "regular" job

DJ Damian | Catch me

What will come next? Stay tuned!

DJ Damian | Can Batman | Tonstudio

When a drummer and a dj is in the mood for party!

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